What Podiatrists Do

What Podiatrists Do

A podiatrist is an orthopedic doctor who specializes in the correction of foot problems. They are certified to treat foot disorders such as chronic foot pain, and acute conditions that cause the foot to feel very uncomfortable or painful. Podiatrists perform different types of procedures on the feet of their patients.


A podiatrist is one of three medical specialists who form a team called an Orthopedic Foot Surgeon. Their job is to treat the foot of a patient and correct any abnormal foot conditions that a patient may have. This team consists of a Foot Doctor who focuses on diagnosis and treatment of foot conditions; an Osteopathic Doctor who provide medical treatment for the feet and ankles; and an Occupational Therapist who works with both podiatrists and doctors in the field of occupational or therapeutic health care.

Podiatrists work closely with their doctors to determine the best treatment for the patient’s foot problem. For example, a Podiatrist will not try to perform surgery on a foot without an Orthopedic Foot Doctor or Osteopathic Doctor’s permission. Sometimes a doctor will suggest a podiatrist to perform a certain surgical procedure.

In the medical field, podiatrists are also referred to as orthopedic doctors because they deal with conditions that affect the human foot and ankle. A podiatrist is one of the top three foot doctors in the country. This type of doctor takes care of both the feet and ankles of patients.

Podiatrists take care of patients who have severe foot pain or foot deformities, as well as those who just feel too much pain when moving their feet. They perform their own diagnostic and therapeutic work on patients in their own offices as well as working with them at their offices. These doctors often help to set up physical therapy programs and meetings between patients and their doctors.

Podiatrists work with a large variety of patients. Some of the people they see every day are athletes that are struggling with injuries, such as plantar fasciitis. These athletes can visit podiatrists more than once throughout the year because each one of these athletes requires different types of treatment.

Many people do not realize that a podiatrist can provide care for anyone who suffers from chronic pain. The doctor can determine the type of treatment needed for various types of ailments. Even though the foot and ankle are a part of the body that is prone to painful conditions, there are podiatrists who specialize in this area.

A podiatrist has many uses for both their patients and the foot doctor. A podiatrist can help people with foot and ankle problems. They can also perform surgery on patients who need to have certain surgical procedures done.